As İntessa Yapı Tasarım Wet Volume Hotel and Bathroom Accessories, we have been producing stainless steel and wooden bathroom accessories and hotel equipment for nearly 15 years.

We have gained a strong trump in the hotel group by adding minibar and steel safe box products to our manufacturing process. During this period, our company, which primarily targets customer satisfaction, has made positive developments in terms of brand-quality-satisfaction by contract manufacturing for certain good brands of Turkey.

Hotel equipment includes a variety of items used to support the day-to-day running of a hotel, ensure the comfort of guests, and help hoteliers organize their operations. Here are some common items as examples of hotel equipment

1. Bedroom Equipment
    - Bed and bedding
    - Towels and bed linens
    - Pillows and duvets
    - Wardrobes and hangers
    - Iron and ironing board

2. Bathroom Equipment
    - Shower curtains and cushions
    - Shampoo, soap and body lotions
    - Towel chairs and bath mats
    - Hair dryers
    - Bathroom accessories (soap dishes, toothbrush holder, etc.)

3. Kitchen Equipment
    - Large kitchen appliances (refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc.) used in restaurants or hotel kitchens.
    - Kitchen utensils (pots, pans, knives, etc.)
    - Food service equipment (plates, cutlery, knives, glasses, etc.)
    - Coffee machines and kettles

4. Lobby and Welcome Equipment
    - Reception desks and computer systems
    - Chairs and armchairs
    - Signposts and maps
    - Luggage trolleys

5. Cleaning Equipment
    - Cleaning trolleys and equipment
    - Vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies
    - Trash cans and recycling containers

6. Room Control Equipment
    - Air conditioning and heating control systems
    - Television and remote controls
    - Room card key systems

7. Safety Equipment
    - Security cameras and monitoring equipment
    - Fire extinguishers and emergency exit signs
    - Electronic safe

8. Office Equipment
    - Computers, printers and faxes
    - Office furniture (tables, chairs, filing cabinets)
    - Business center equipment (copiers, scanners)

9. Entertainment and Fitness Equipment
    - TV and entertainment systems
    - Fitness center equipment (treadmills, weight machines, etc.)
    - Game room equipment (game consoles, pool tables, table tennis)

These are just a few examples of hotel equipment and may vary according to need. A hotel business may need different types of equipment depending on the needs of the guests and their target market. In addition, the maintenance and regular updating of equipment is important to the success of the hotel business.